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Some nice information on Vaastu and its effects on our lives and famiy was discussed in the last episode of Pawan Sinha Live - 28th January 2012. Here's the written update of the episode:

Our preferences for the kind of house we want to stay in, is largely dependent on what rashi or yoni we are born in. For example, people born in Sarp Yonis, prefer less crowded houses and in general, they always feel that others' houses are better built than their own. People born in 'billi yoni' like to stay in closed spaces. Those born in Mesha Yoni, like spacious houses, and so on and forth. 

South/South East facing entrance of the house isn't bad always and similarly, North East entrance is not always good. If the head of the family's Mars, Rahu and Saturn are strong, then for him, the house with an entrance facing South or South east is in fact, better than the other directions. This is also good for those families, in which most of the people have bad Mars in their horoscopes. 

Specific Problem Remedies:

If most of the people have Bad Mars in a family, then there is a lack of peace in that house, and people have an angry nature. In these houses, there are chances of fire breaking out and almost all members face problems in marriage or getting married. 

Remedy: For those with Bad Mars, amongst many other remedies for Mars, they can also try this simple one. Use earthen utensils (mitti ke bartan) as much as possible. Each and every member should try to use earthen utensils. You may drink water in a mitti glass or have milk in that etc. 

If Rahu of the family is not good, there are chances of thefts in that house, or things get lost, also, "seelan" problem in walls or troubles related to electric/electronic items. 

Remedy: Have atleast one meal sitting inside the kitchen facing east direction, and sitting on a jute mat (gunny bag or smthg). Every member must do this. You can choose different days for different members to sit and have food inside the kitchen. 

If Door opens in the West or South direction: Hang a considerably big Name Plate, which should be yellow in color. If you don't do this, your guests might get disappointed for some reason or the other. Also, in the NW direction, light guggal. For students facing problems in study/concentration due to bad Rahu of their house, must light a lamp on the SE corner of their study table. 

If right after shifting to a new house, you suffer losses after losss or get diseased often, then keep the Name of the House that is in concurrence with either your Rashi, Lagna or 4th house Rashi of your horoscope (you may take the help of a good astrologer for this). 

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Three Pillars of Vaastu and the significance of Vaastu according to Sh. Pawan Sinha ji:

  • Purusharth Chaturshtey: Dharma, Artha, Kaama, and Moksha: The balance of these 4 elements of human life is what Vaastu shastra aims at achieving. In a house, where there's an imbalance of any of these elements, those houses are believed to be not prospering well or its family members suffer in some area of life for sure. If Dharma is disturbed- not much progress in the house; Artha- Monetary problems; Kaama-Progeny issues; Moksha-Spiritual hurdles. 
  • The directions/konas:1) Aagne Kona - South East 2) Ishaan Kona- North East 3) Vyaavya Kona - North West 4) Nirriti Kona- South West.These directions specifiy the kind of energy that will flow in the house. In the Aagne Kona, for example, fiery energy needs to be there, while in the Ishaana, the divine energy. 
  • The Planets of the houses. If Sun of the house is not good, for example, then, there will be fights and arguments in the house, pitra dosha will trouble more; Mars- Fire may break out, problems in marriage; Venus- Health and prosperity won't be there; Jupiter-Mercury-Problem in children's concentration in their studies; Rahu- theft, misunderstandings, losses etc. 

General Vaastu Remedies:

  • Try not to keep Box Beds at home. If you have them, then atleast don't put any iron products in it. Also, don't stuff them with useless things (kabaad). Newly-wed couples should especially, adhere to this advice. 
  • Don't keep waste electrical or electronic objects like, used batteries, wires, fused bulbs, cameras etc. 
  • Throw out torn shoes/sandals from the house. 
  • Keep the Shoe rack only in the South direction of your house. 
  • Avoid keeping iron furniture in the house. 
  • If there are marriage related problems in the house, don't use glass utensils. 
  • Don't keep iron almirah adjacent to your bed. 
  • If you experience sudden decrease in your earnings, make sure you don't have any renovation left in the house eg. incomplete wall, door etc. 
  • Keeping some turmeric powder (pure) in the drawing room, will keep your guests and relatives happy. 
  • If you hold business meets at home, then keep turmeric powder, supaari and jaifal in the drawing room in a plate in a decorated way. (you can put flowers or other things also for decoration.). This will make sure that your business partners/clients don't get disappointed for some reason. 
  • Stair case inside the living rooms is not preferred. If you have it, then light guggal below it. 
  • Ideally, source of water should not be in the middle of the house or house roof. It can give room for pitra dosha to transpire and can disturb the health of the head of the family. If you already have it, then as a remedy, keep a clean drinking source of water in the North-East and drink water from there only. Also, in the south east direction, if the kitchen is there as well, then the problem can be rectified to a great extent. If no kitchen, then keep invertor, or simply, light diyas for 6-8 hours in that direction. 
  • Don't build rooms on a trench, like septic tank or duct etc. 
  • Don't use stones for building home. 
  • Always keep a rug at the entrance of any room in the house. 
  • While getting out of your bed, make sure that your feet land first either in your slippers/shoes/sandals or on a rug. They should not touch the floor directly. 
  • If you're experiencing lots of expenditure, and unable to save any money, keep a shami tree root in your tijori. 
  • Don't keep Tamsik objects like, ciggarettes, alcohol in the east side of the house. 
  • If fights at home, then don't keep cactus. If you have it, keep it in the western direction. 
  • Don't plant banana tree at home. 
  • If you know that your house's vaastu is not correct, then for pregnant ladies, at least, you can keep coriander seeds (dhania daana) soaked in water along side the pillow at night. 
  • Do shreeyantra pooja. 
  • Don't keep the photos of deceased persons anywhere else except the worship place of the house. 
  • Keep your photos only in the living/drawing room, not in the bed rooms. 
  • For your servants, make servant rooms in the eastern or northern directions.