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After conducting a poll for last so many days on Humindian, we found out that 99% of the voters, want us to keep continuously provide the latest Pawan Sinha Live (aired on Aaj Tak) and Astro Uncle (aired on Tez Channel) episodes' written updates. Thank you for your response. We shall from now on, keep posting the articles frequently. However, please understand that since Pawan Sinha Live is aired daily these days on Aaj tak unlike earlier when it used to get broadcast only on weekends, that's why there's sometime a delay in typing down the episodes. Hope you understand. However, we'll provide as much articles as possible on regular basis. 

Now you can get notified through an email about the latest entries in the Astro Uncle and Pawan Sinha Live category. Just reply to this article below in the comment section and type in your email id. We'll notify you whenever there's a new entry in this section. 

Sometime, we don't post those episodes which revolve around the topic discussed in previous many episodes by Sh. Pawan Sinha ji. However, that doesnt mean we don't have those videos. In case, you want any episode's written update, that's not posted here, you can always comment here and ask us to post the same! 

Now post your email id below and get notified in minutes! :)

Happy reading!