Episode theme: How to improve your language skills? How to be a good speaker? What makes you proficient in your local language or mother-tongue? What makes you speak or write a foreign lanugage efficiently? How to improve English speaking skills and communications skills, in general, using Jyotish (Vedic Astrology)? How to improve Sanskrit or Hindi? Here's what Astro Uncle says on Tez channel regarding this topic on 21st May 2011.

Read Astro Uncle's Reply:

One of the most important and striking feature about your personality is 'how you speak'? "Bolchaal" or "Language skills" are very important to impress people around you. The next yuga that's going to start, when Saturn enters Libra in November 2011, is going to be an era of "Speakers". So, its very important to get your planets right in the area of language and communication skills so that you're able to make the most of the times ahead. 

It doesn't matter if you've studied in a convent school or not, you CAN speak very good English, if your planets are supporting you that way. 

Planets responsible for "foreign language" are Saturn and Rahu. More importantly, it's Saturn- if that's not making the right kind of yoga in your horoscope, then you might not be that proficient in the foreign language like, English or Hindi. You might not be able to speak English fluently continously for even 2 minutes. 

However, if your Jupiter is very strong, then you will be very proficient in your mother-tongue, For example, in India, it's your Hindi that will be very good. You will make use of good "kahaavats" or muhaavaras and sweet sounding words, that will make you a great speaker in your local language. You will be interested in learning Sanskrit also, if your Jupiter is very strong.

According to Astro Uncle, Pawan Sinha, in this era, you must've a good balance of both your mother-tongue and the foreign language. You must have both Jupiter and Saturn strong, if you want to speak all languages really well.

Here, another important thing to note is that Mercury is the planet that's the primary karaka of communication and the expression involved in it. You won't be able to choose the right words at the right time, in case, your mercury is weak. You may be good in gramamr, vocabulary etc, but won't be able to speak the right thing at the right time, without fumbling.

So, the conclusion is that Saturn (foreign language like, English or French etc), Jupiter (local language, Sanskrit) and Mercury - these are the important grahas responsible behind making you a great speaker!!! 

Remedies to balance Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury in a way, that you become a good speaker?:

  • Don't hesitate and keep patience while speaking. Don't speak in a hurried mannter. 
  • Stand before mirror, put a GREEN bindi on your forehead and look at that bindi in the mirror with full concentration. This is a very powerful remedy. You will be able to speak fluently, clearly with full expressions in a period of 3-4 months. 
  • Practice for at least an hour daily to speak the language that interests you the most.
  • To improve English, use a blue sketchpen or water color tand color the tip of your middle finger at night. Sleep over it. You can also color your Saturn mount simultaneously. 

Do these remedies continously for about 3-4 months at least to see a change in you.