There is something common in all of us . We, all the employees working in the call centre industry are connected with each other by a word called,  'Shortcoming' or 'Majboori'. Call centre is never the first love of anyone working here. Many of us didn't get the job in our dream industry, a few of us were not qualified enough for a better job. 

There are people working with us who have destroyed their careers due to one or other reason. And, then there are a few employees who started working after 10+2 , because their family could not support their studies .

This industry was ready with a smile to hold our hands when everyone rejected us . When there was no ray of hope this industry was a way out . Infact , I often say to people, "Main to paida hi is industry mein huaa tha" as I started my career by taking calls in a domestic call centre . But I always enjoyed Indian people although they were calling to tell their problems but not just me, in fact most of us, always relished talking to different kinds of people . 'Customer service hamari rag rag mein basi hai ' .

I have talked to so may people - married ladies have family problems , girls and guys have problems in their relationships , There are employees with ailing parents, there are employees who are shoulering the resposibility of education of their younger brother or a sister . Health problems are most common problems amongst people working during nights and sleeping during the day.  This is more or less obvious as we totally work against the nature . 
We catch up cold relatively easily , back ache , indigestion etc. etc .'Phir bhi haste hain , muskurate hain , chuggliaan karte hain, Hum zindagi bas aise hi jeete hain.'

We have become friends with problems as they never forget to come..They are the only ones not to cheat us . They never fail to meet and we never forget to greet and that's how life goes in Cab , Call Centre Aur Baatein .