*Spoiler: Answer is revealed below.

Episode: 4th Nov 2012

Which of the following is made by mixing "Khamir" in "Maida" ?
(A) Missi Roti
(B) Naan
(C) Kachori
(D) Aalu Paratha

Correct answer is –> (B) Naan

The answer lines will be open will be open till 8:29:59 PM on 05 November 2012. 

Procedure to send the answer: 
For IVR IDEA Subscribers

Dial 55456 ’11′ for Option A
Dial 55456 ’12′ for Option B
Dial 55456 ’13′ for Option C
Dial 55456 ’14′ for Option D

BSNL Landline Subscribers
Dial 505 2525 ’11′ for Option A
Dial 505 2525 ’12′ for Option B
Dial 505 2525 ’13′ for Option C
Dial 505 2525 ’14′ for Option D

Send answer via SMS
Idea Subscribers
SMS KBCQ A for Option A to 554567
SMS KBCQ B for Option B to 554567
SMS KBCQ C for Option C to 554567
SMS KBCQ D for Option D to 554567

  • All other subscribers send their answers by SMS to 5252525*.
  • To answer question by SMS, go to the ‘create message’ option in your mobile and type ‘KBCQ’ answer (A/B/C/D) and send it to 5252525*. For e.g. If your answer is option A then SMS KBCQ A to 5252525.